Village of Cassville Shout Out Box

The Village of Cassville is a community that is worth celebrating. In a world where negativity seems to be everywhere, it’s refreshing to find a place where people come together to build each other up. And what better way to celebrate Cassville than by promoting it in positivity?

We would like to introduce to residents and visitors of the Village a way to help shine a bright spot on the good things they see in the Village. Whether you see an employee go out of their way to make something better, a Board member do something great for the community, or just something about the Village of Cassville that they love in general, this is a great way for you to share it with Village Employees, Board Members, and the Community! 

We have two options in which you can choose to do this:

  1. Stop in at the Municipal Building and complete a Shout Out Box card.
  2. Click here to complete the Shout Out Box form and submit it from wherever you are.

We kindly ask that you maintain a respectful attitude towards the Village Employees, Board Members, and Community when providing feedback. This is a platform for positive feedback only. In case of any negative feedback or concerns, there are proper channels to be followed and we urge you to contact the relevant authorities. Let us all work together to ensure that this platform remains a positive space.