Ferry History

Treasure on the Mississippi

"Cassville stands on the east bank of the Mississippi surrounded with very pretty scenery; the eye can rest upon the soft and soothing, the grand, the sublime; it will find there everything necessary for the promotion of the man's comfort and exercise of his energies; in a word, nature has done all in her power to make it one of the most delightful spots in the far west." These were the words spoken by Colonel S. Hamilton when nominating Cassville for the Capital of the new Wisconsin Territory back in 1836.

Today, many years later, his description of Cassville, Wisconsin, a small town nestled between the scenic bluffs and the mighty Mississippi is still fitting. Truly a timeless treasure, Cassville offers small town American quaint relaxing simplicity, to contemporary amenities and fast paced exciting adventures.

The Cassville Car Ferry awaits visitors for a fun way to cross the Mississippi River. Take a ride on the Pride of Cassville and visualize a twenty-three-year-old Nelson Dewey and his first trip across the Mississippi to reach the little village that was envisioned to become the first Capital of the Wisconsin territory. The ferry served the early settlement as far back as 1836 and was powered by horses working on a treadmill. Though horses have been replaced, it continues today making the same trip back and forth across the mighty river. The car ferry connects two National Scenic By-Ways; the Wisconsin Great River Road and the Iowa Great River Road. The ferry landing is located on the upper end of Riverside Park. Discover Cassville, this unique "Treasure on the Mississippi!"