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Cassville Housing Assistance Program

Concerned with the cost of heating your home, a leaky roof, questionable electrical system, or siding and window work?
The village of Cassville has available funds to assist income eligible homeowners with certain repairs to their home. This is not a grant, but the next best thing – a 0% interest loan with no payment, so long as you own an occupational your house. New paragraph it’s affordable, regard list of your income.
The village of Cassville Housing Assistance Program will assist to identify housing problems and propose solutions, and will also assist with soliciting bids from local contractors, providing guidance through the entire process.
If interested, and your household income is:
• 1 person at less than $38,300
• Two people with less than $43,800
• # People with less than $49,250
….then you may qualify for a loan through the program.
For more information, contact 1-800-655-0683, or go to the Cassville Village Office for an application.